Legacy picks??

I would like some advice and conversation about who people are picking between gold Harper, Gold Griffey JR and Gold Judge from the legacy choice pack?

Hard to say. I have to wait to see what the numbers look like. I'd probably lean Griffey, but who knows that they do to make them golds

Depends what the attributes are. Leaning Judge right now simply because in past games gold Harper and Rookie Griffey haven’t been very good. Plus Rookie Griffey has always had a different swing than his best cards

I’m sure Judge will have the more useful stats of the 3.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to go judge, I don’t hit well with Harper and that rookie Griffey hasn’t ever really been that good for me personally. His diamonds have tho

HW Harper has been awesome since he debuted

It’s probably gonna be judge for me, but it depends on who’s fielding stats are best. I really want a solid outfield out of the gate so I’m not getting burned on gap shots.

Probably going to be judge but to be honest, if Harper or Griffey have great stats versus a right I may choose them for a bench bat. After like a day or two, I don't anticipate anything but low diamonds on my squad.

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