Early access start time

The countdown on my playstation tells me that the my mlb the show 20 preorder is playable in 2 days and slightly less than 2 hours. For me, that would be midnight from thursday to friday (So March 13 at 0):00 AM). However, I'm in the central European time zone and I heard somewhere that the early access would start at midnight ET (So 05:00 CET with the current time difference as we move to daylight saving time in a couple of weeks).

So, what time does the early access start? Is the countdown on my playstation correct?

You sure it says 2 days and less than 2 hours?
Mine says 2 days and just over 6 hours, which is midnight eastern.

12 et, 9,pt

So it appears my playstation is a bit too enthusiastic then 😛

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