Hi ya’ll! I’m back!

Long time show vet here since 13’ sadly I missed 19, only yr I missed but super stoked to begin 20 the last yr for us PS4 owners, cross platform and gen5 on deck. Good luck out there to all!

Welcome back Ol Timer, you know these days the game has something called Diamond Dynasty?, its for young-ins that don't have the attention span to play a full season of Franchise and just like to collect cards and make up their own team, sorta like a mobile game:). Oh well, let them run along and let them have fun is what I say :).

@joshjays44 i agree with you 100% but until they acquire online franchise, I just go w the flow where the max competition is & sadly that’s DD.. every yr my W/L ratio declines a bit so that factor alone keeps me coming back for the challenge. If you know of any good custom league let me know I’d be interested in joining one with an “honest” comissioner

I wish they would correct the lifetime stats and put put a lil more “emphasize” on old vets like us.. I like seeing names I remember from back in the day. Always wish they had individual user vs user W/L too so you could see your head to head.. but I’m sure SDS has more crowd pleaser content to chase

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