Event Wins

So, for the 11th Inning Program you need 60 event wins for 50 Stars. I completed the first two events giving me 30, the third event you need 20, but that leaves 10 more wins to get the stars. Do we think there will be another event, or should I try and get an extra 10 wins in this event? I hate playing the event when I’ve already gotten all the vouchers.

You do not have to stop playing the event once you get your 15 wins for all 4 vouchers. You can re-enter as many times as you like & get all 60 wins. You also get prize cards for reaching 3, 6,9 or 12 wins per entry.

There's been a Forever Event every year events have been in existence.

Use your noodle.

Does the 20 wins in a week seem a little crazy? I get to play for maybe an hour or so a night. That means I have to be almost perfect to get enough wins in a week to get the 20.

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