What happened to pitching?


Now I doubt there was some kind of Major game change this late in the cycle, but ever since mid October, I’ve been getting my brains bashed in. Every game I play is a slugfest against opponents where everyone in their lineup is hitting over .300. Games often devolve into 8-7 swingathons, and as someone who usually gets by on their pitching, isn’t conducive to my success. My era (usually in their 3.00s) is almost 5.00 and I can’t get out of pennant race/wild card. Any tips on how to beat the free swingers, or is this how the game is now?


The best pitcher for guys like these is greg maddux. He's got a sinker, cutter, and the best control in the game. Throw sinkers bellow the zone and cutters in and they'll make a first pitch soft contact out most of the time. How do I know this? because I'm one of those crazy free swingers 🙂


Nah, that’s just how the game is now. They made a decision to appeal to the lowest common denominator with gameplay and content this year. Just to quantify that comment and not to cause offense to anyone who enjoys the game this year (personally, I don’t), I feel like they made the game this year to suit little kids and pea brained jocks with a low IQ.



You see, the stereotypical image of someone who would enjoy this game in it’s current state are the kind of players who would say things like “Oh wow, hurr hurr, all my players are 99 overall with 125 power and everything!” Whereas the more intelligent player, who isn’t a small child or moron, would question the merits of a game where numerous players who have achieved very little at major league level have better cards in terms of statistics than the very best of the best ever to play the game. The likes of Willie Mays and Lou Gehrig were pretty good players, I’m sure you’ll agree, but not as good as 2020 Austin Hays in a one game stretch.

The small child, or feeble minded adult will sit there and hit home run after home run at Shippet and guffaw brainlessly that “They felt that [censored], because that was crushed. Woooo!” Whereas the thinking man, yearning for something like actual baseball and desiring more hit variety than endless moonshots, would dismiss gameplay as being trash due to the excessive amount of home runs. They’d probably think something like “That swing was early.” Or maybe “The PCI wasn’t even on the ball.” Morons and small children don’t care about that. They just want to hit another moonshot. Then another.

They don’t even have you set your own shifts, because that would require you to actually comprehend baseball and use your brain to make a decision. The game will hold your hand and do all this for you, just in case you’re not a baseball kinda guy. I mean, you don’t have to like baseball to play MLB the Show. As long as you like home runs, unrealistic shiny cards and nerfed legends, we got you covered. If you like actual baseball, then...... We have some elements of that game in here. Home runs are an element of baseball, right? Hurr durr. Moonshot!

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