Do SDS devs know anything about baseball rules


I have seen in this years game from day one that when sliding into 2B the infielder is taken out about 90% of the time. About 2 or three years ago MLB started the rule that if you slide in and intentionally take out the infielder covering 2B that both the sliding player and the runner to 1B are out. So since then you hardly ever see contact with the infielder. In this game almost all the time the infielder goes flying in the air and lands on his back. So to the developers and programmers of this game I say try reading rule book before you create something so stupid.


I have never noticed honestly. I am too worried about the God awful PCI I placed on most of my swings.


What? I think I have yet to see the 2nd baseman get taken out at all this year


Is this the animation to which you refer (there may be several):

MLB The Show Asdrubal Cabrera upended turning a double play

Yes, in this animation the fielder goes head over heels, but it would still be considered a legal slide into second as the player is making an attempt to slide into the base with feet kept low. In fact I doubt I've ever seen slides in The Show that are illegal, even prior to the 2016 season.

Here is the slide rule for reference, for any others reading this thread:

To answer your implied question, it's not in there because the devs don't know the rules. Doubtless most are very familiar with the rules of the game, or at least their Leads who make the decisions are. It's in there because it's entrenched into the game's code and if removing it would indeed make the game more realistic, this could potentially create bugs that would then need to be fixed, the fixing of which could create more bugs, fixing which could create more etc. Removing it would take dev time away from other gameplay development, therefore it's a low priority.

If there is any intention to remove it, it will be when baserunning code is written from scratch again. TS22 maybe? It could even be TS21, although I think they'll have focused mainly on pitching this year.


For something that apparently happens "almost all the time", I have never seen it.


These arent illegal slides though. This happens all the time. If the fielder gets in the baseline, which they have to touch the bag, also a new rule, use to just have to touch near the bag, it is on them to get out of the baseline if the runner is coming. So this usually leads to the fielder getting upended LEGALY, because they are in the baseline. That whole rule was implemented to keep baserunners from sliding OUT of the line of path to the base to take out the fielder. Something I have NEVER seen happen in this game. This includes sliding late and over shooting the bag to intentionally take out the fielder.

In short, what you say happens doesnt happen.

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