Best 89 Diamond CAP Build. Will you choose Balanced, Power or Contact?

I personally feel the Balanced build really gets juiced with all the Diamond equipment.
Which build and position are you guys choosing for 89 Diamond.

I agree with you. However, last year, I assumed power was the meta as it was in 17 and 18 and chose too early (I grinded my CAP right away). I may wait awhile longer this year to decide.

Going balanced this year. Went power in 19. My cap was a beast but his low vision really handicapped him in the higher levels. I think with equipment his vision was 80.

I have never used a CAP to be honest. Maybe I will try one this year.

I used a power back stop as well as most but this year I think that balanced might be the way to go and then supe up his power through equipment

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