3 Quality of Life Requests.


Actually, these could probably be summed up as once request; buy here goes:

When you make it so far in a Program reward path (Inning, TA, XP) can we start off where we are currently ranked?

IE: If we're at 74% complete if a TA, instead if being at the first reward for Stage 1, when we go into that team's TA, can we automatically jump to whatever reward is at that level?

Same with the Inning and XP Reward Path. If we're a Level 75 Diamond, and go into the XP Reward Path; can we be put at Diamond 75 instead of having to move over from Bronze 1?

If we're at 300 Stars for an Inning Program, can we be at that reward when we enter that path?



It would kind of be nice to have the numbering in the TAs match the total. For instance, if you’re in stage 4, you might be at 3/110. But the next unlock is numbered from the beginning, so 210 or whatever. Not a big deal but you have to do the math in your head to know your actual total.

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