Event wins not counting


@Victor_SDS , can you look into this? Second event in a row where after a win, it’s showing a win on left of the event screen and not showing a win under the cumulative side on the right. It’s a waste of my time. Just had a legit tough game win, to end up with nothing. I’m frustrated man.

You can look into my file. I’m 1-0 in the event and showing zero wins on the awards screen.

Please help. Don’t want to play for nothing. You made the Kopech 48 wins, can’t afford the time to just give wins away and not receive them when I’ve earned them.


It just showed up.. weird. Maybe a delay or something. Sorry for the post, was just frustrated. Long day of work and just wanted to grind the event in peace. Haha

Good luck to everyone else playing in the event! Don’t let the (97) fool you. Kopech will be good.


While we at it let’s do something about people Closing App as soon as you as you hit a home run and stats not counting in Events, making Prestige Grinding more a pain than it needs to be .

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