Ever notice this on defensive shift and playing in?


First when the defense is playing the shift do you guys experience the infielder playing deep (2nd baseman on a lefty hitter) always barely attempts to go after a seeing eye grounder. So many times if he didn’t jog or even attempted to reach down he could have got the ball. If you try to switch to him it goes to the CF player. It’s annoying.

Also if you have runners on base and your opponent plays the infield in I feel is that is when I get my base runners to auto dive back to the bag on singles or line drive doubles. It acts as if the AI does not realize the defenders are close and responds as if they were in their normal position and causes the base runners to dive back. It always seems to cost me a run, you guys notice this at all?


I had runners on Second and Third. Speedy Guys if I remember correctly. Infield in. Sharp Ground ball up the middle. Ball was literally inches off of the bag when it went by it. Guy on second is diving back into the bag as the ball is bouncing over the top of him. Should've scored two, he ended up getting stuck at third. The auto dive back is the dumbest thing ever.

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