Pre-ordered Download

So I pre-ordered the standard version of MLB 20.
I just checked the PS Store to make sure it would auto-download when available, and it is telling me it will be playable/downloaded in 4 days, 11 hours. I'm wondering if it is actually not going to download until then, or is it just showing that but will actually be available for early access?

Edit: thanks for the info guys. Did not realize early access was not available for standard edition. I assume I should get it downloaded on the 15th then.

You should be able to download it. But no early access on Standard

Standard edition doesn't get early access.

Download is usually around 48 hours before release. Since yours doesn’t release until 4 days after you’ll probably be able to download it 48 hours before you can play. The reason everyone else could is because with early access on their version it was under 48 hours away

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