This couldn't be coming out at a better time...

Let me preface this by saying I do have perspective as to what truly matters in this world. As a husband and father I put my family's health and well-being above all.

Now, like most everyone who loves baseball, whether it's a way of life for you or simply a distraction to get away from things that might get us down or stress us out, the news that the sports world is grinding to a halt has me equal parts frustrated, sad, and angry.

While I put in over 600 offline hours in The Show 19, I couldn't be more ready for this to drop tonight to give me something fresh to dive into. I'm going to miss the rest of spring training and am expecting the regular season to be pushed back for who knows how long, but The Show 20 is going to help me get through this for sure.

I live in New York near an area that has over 100 cases. This game coming out tonight is the only thing keeping me going.

I've got my alarm set tomorrow to give me a few hours of play time before my first work call. I can't wait 🙂

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