I've been sitting on two Daily Missions worth 9 stars for the last few days.

A 'Score 4 Gold IF Runs' and a 'Get 5 Extra Basehits'.

The IF Runs was at 2/4 and the XB Hit was at 3/5.

Was going to wait until Friday to get a quick 9 stars, but since this is probably the last Inning Program; I'm not in a rush.

Anyway, I hope into a BR game and not only do I complete BOTH missions; I also make it thru the end if the game without my opponent dashboarding.

When I get my new Dailies; I see that I got 3 HRs (5 Stars) and 4 Runs with Gold OFs. So I can still stack.till Friday is I want.

Guess that's my 'luck' for the week.