Most drops

I know a lot of you have been having drops and I feel bad for you. But....

I am curious, though, what the most is. I just got my twelfth drop in my inventory. I have watched part of all of the streams and have had the stream going off and on throughout the day. Does anyone have more than 12?

I have 5 as of 10:39 pm est

I've got 12

9 for me. 5 of those during todays stream

I didnt link until today and I got 5 for the stream today. Wish I had done it sooner, I watched every stream.

Where do you go to check how many drops you have?

5 for today,watched beginning to end, 12 total.

I got 4, but didn't watch the beginning of today. Watched all the streams besides that, so 4 + however many streams there have been.

12 for me also

I play as the O’s and I had 13 in the first inning I played in franchise and since 9:45 I’ve had like 20 ish

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