Gotta give a shot out to.....


During the streams you ever notice they always give a shot out to card art etc..during the season...but never a shot out to hitting engine devs...or the guys who were in charge of pitching or fielding?

But hold on....every year..I mean year year..during the streams where they are selling us the new game...its shot out to such and such for hitting overhaul...pitching and defense matters!

Season starts and they are hyped in the stream about credit to the card art designers...every it because they themselves admit and know the team Bill Bucknered Gameplay???

Can u remember the last time they gave a shot out to anyone or stood proud during the season dealing with gameplay???

Every stream is 98% on making a profit...and 2% about improving your experience on your journey to making Sds boatloads of money when they cant even scrape up enough effort to create a new minor league or spring training stadium.

While we're on the subject have they released the card art for the pre-order bonus? Cant wait!!!

*editor note
No way am I knocking the card art...its dope and Sds gives proper credit when its due


Unfortunately stadium creation is probably the most complex part of the development process. Hence the oft-requested stadium creator has been put on the back burner year after year.


No creator...I would like them for just once do the backbreaking work of a new stadium/environment. They know it's time consuming and would rather come up with new series position players who used to pitch...these cards illustrate what would happen if they followed that path....ramone?

Think about it guys no need to complain about the Dh...because 98% of baseball players pitched at one point in their life. Little league...high school etc....imagine starting with Javy Baez and closing with Derek Jeter....

Did you say derek jeter!? Yup we got Jete! But only in this pack.. 2 packs per person

1 pack = 1/ 3rd of the game I mean...20,000 stubs!!

Cue people complaining about getting duplicates...


That's because the streams are dedicated to new live content. So, of course, they're going to give shout outs to the content team. Just like you wouldn't give shout outs to the licensing department during a stream about sound design.

I would hope that 100% of all streams are focused on making a profit.


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