Franchise mode ideas that should be considered


Franchise mode wish list

1- Player Development: I believe the player development really needs to be changed perhaps adopt what madden does with development traits and integrate it with player potential as well. For example have common development, star, and elite. When prospects come up especially if their and A or B potential it’s annoying having a pitcher come up at around 24-25 and they post an ERA in the 5-6 range for the first 5 years of their career, it doesn’t make sense since they are already a highly touted prospect. It’s understood that there a many players that bust but it’s just an ongoing factor that the pitchers tend to always have elevated eras while playing franchise in the future years.

2- International Player pool

Every year on July 2nd is the international player pool and I think this would be a cool addition and would make franchise mode a lot more realistic. Every teams international player budget should be accurate according to the team and while trying to obtain these players, teams can Bid for the player signing rights. The pool could contain realistic players for the 2021 season then on generated players

3- Draft

Mlb should incorporate downloadable draft classes like 2k and madden to make it more realistic. Perhaps the draft classes could be the top 200 players ranked on pipeline then the rest could be auto generated players that wouldn’t go till the later rounds.

4- Relocation teams

There should be the option of having an alternate Jersey as every team in the mlb today has one except the Yankees.

5- Create a stadium

Many show fans have been waiting for this for years. Please make this happen. Would make team relocation a lot more realistic.

6- BB/9

According to YouTube franchise players that have experimented with it it’s apparent that this attribute is the main factor in pitchers development. I believe this attribute shouldn’t be as important as a pitcher could have 80 H/9, 80 HR/9, and 80 K/9 but if their BB/9 attribute is 40 that pitcher will have a 5-6 maybe even 7 era and I don’t think it’s realistic as playing franchise with a pitcher like Tyler Glasnow I have always seen him with and inflated era when he’s significantly better than that

7- Trades

Allow the option of having a 3 team player trade and allow franchise players to trade cash. Trade AI on the trade finder also needs to be more realistic as there are too many trades that go on throughout the league that would never happen in real life.

8- Prospect overalls

For players especially in the top 10 for mlb farm systems or close to big league players it’s hard when there’s a guy that could be crucial for the franchise but are only a 55 overall and 23 years old as by the time they would come up to the big league they would already be 28 and still only be around a 72 and probably not too much of a help to the big league club. I would just like to see players with higher potentials turning in better results at a younger age rather than starting to have good seasons when their close to their 30s


Touching up on player development- For the hitters it’s weird seeing players in their high 20s and low 30s winning rookie of the year awards, those older players due to the player development flaws should have already had a few productive seasons, I believe that player progression should happen quicker for those with A and B potentials, C potential players could be the diamonds in the rough or busts. Development traits accompanied with the player potential could make it more interesting and give better indication on how the player will perform.

All star game- players will be able to wear their respective jersey if in the all star game

International free agents- this is a long shot but for example in free agency even if the players are auto generated include some of these as examples being Yusei Kikuchi, Masahiro Tanaka, Yuli Gurriel, etc.

Bringing back old franchise elements - have concessions and things that will bring fans in the stadium like adding speed pitch, autograph signings, things like that to spruce franchise up and have the feel of an mlb GM

Full Minor League Stats - instead of only seeing a few stats on the top left corner of the player card, incorporate all statistics to give franchise players a better look as this can forecast how a player will perform in the MLB.

Make minor league stats matter towards majors- if a player is having a breakout year in the minors have it affect their potential and attributes more even if that player may be a 65 overall and a C potential, would like to see more fluctuations with this as dev traits would greatly help

Player training- for younger prospects that may be more undersized, have training options for weight room that will also impact their attributes. For example and 18 year old prospect may be 6’0 160 Lbs but with training and a weight room aspect this can help players progress. This can also shift their dev traits or potential and get the most out of your prospect.

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