Why nerf throw meter without nerfing button only throws?

I always used Accuracy Meter+Buttons for throwing since you never had to worry about getting throwing errors, but now the accuracy meter is nerfed and there is big difference between players throwing meters. However, button only throw remains the same, so why even use accuracy meter this year since you will prob get less throwing errors using buttons only instead of accuracy meter?

I predict there are going to be a lot of people that use accuracy meter will switch to buttons only throw this year. At least nerf button only throws to make it balanced.

I just made this switch after using button accuracy for years lol

Because if you get good with it, which shouldnt take long, you will make less errors. Also if you are using buttons with players with poor throwing you will still make errors.

Once I get the timing down, I'll never make an error with Throwing Meter, it's still the option to use.

Good, you guys should just start using analog throws and play the game properly 🙂

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