Pitch Speeds???

Seem pretty [censored] slow to me. Thought we figured this out in '18

I felt the same way offline playing HoF.

Humm. Remember if playing RS you dont get to All Star gameplay until you and your opponent hits rank 200. It will be on Veteran until then. I seen a streamer playing and people were talking about the pitch speed on All Star but they were actually playing on Veteran.

The pitch speeds are super slow. Go into batting practice and turn the difficulty all the way up to legend, and still be early on every fastball


Just play a BR game this year then fire up '19 and play BR. Both a are on All-Star and this year is insane crazy slow. I am not good at this game, I make CS but never got to WS last year, and the speeds are way too fuckin slow. Its gonna be '18 all over again, off-speed low will be the only way to pitch. Holy [censored] I really can't believe they did this again

There's more to the game than pitch speeds, no? Hit timing windows and PCI placement as just as big of factors are they not?

Seem the same as last year to me.

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