Never had such a glitchy fielding game


I have played a lot of MTO and I only play vs CPU in general, but I recently had the glitchiest of games. I have seen some weird fielding bugs (though those are usually very few and far between).

Last MTO game, in the deciding Game 5 of the NLDS against the Braves, my Mets team lost their [censored] minds. The Braves hit a slow, bouncing ball up the 1B line, and my first baseman ran towards it, but not to the ball, and not to the bag either. My 2B covered and threw to the pitcher covering, but too late. Next batter, Ozuna takes DeGrom deep, two-run homer. Two innings later, runner on first, a batter hits a medium grounder to the right of second... McNeil fields it going in the direction of the bag but might not have beat the runner, but he won’t throw the ball to the SS covering the bag... he stops and won’t do anything. No throw to first, everyone safe. (Next batter, Ozuna, doubles into the gap). An inning later, runner on first, the batter hits a medium grounder to the left of my first basemen... he fields cleanly, moving towards second, and stops. No throw, no movement. Again. Then as the runner reaches second, he arcs the ball over the shortstop’s head into left-center.

I’ve never seen three plays in one game that glitched like that. It took a walk-off, come-from-behind homer in the bottom of the 9th for me to win it. I have never seen RNG in CPU games, despite logging 1,000+ hours a year, so just mentioning it in case anyone else noticed anything else weird recently.


Sounds like pretty consistent MTO behaviour since its humble beginnings in TS19.


The 'yips' are usually contagious...

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