The thing about the check swings


@halfbutt said in The thing about the check swings:

I just faced a guy in an event game who checked nearly every swing. It was unreal. He was auto taking like two pitches and then checking constantly.

I was getting so frustrated I was swinging early at everything. The game went to like the fifth inning before I could string a couple hits together and win.

Something has to be done about this. Believe me, I am a bad hitter. I could use all the help I can get, but this is not baseball.

Another interesting thing I noticed is how many of my pitches got pulled to the middle of the plate. I had the hardest time getting calls on the corners, but when I looked at the analysis post-game, there was a sea of dots in the middle of the plate. Considering I never intentionally throw down the middle, it was really weird.

That’s what I’m sayin bro pitching is an absolute train wreck this year!!


So did he go around?!


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