Throwing errors

I play pure analog with throwing meter off and the frequency of off line throws is through roof. In one game, third baseman Hunter Dozier made 4 throwing errors in 2 innings. I know his fielding is 53 but these are routing throws. It happens with every infielder at least once an inning - makes the game unplayable. Help Sony.

[censored], I use pure analog throwing too....this isn't the first time they messed this up..they did with the launch of last year's game but eventually fixed it in a patch, I hope they do it again this year.

MAN, that's a bummer .... Lot's of fielding errors early in 2019's version as well, strange...

It seems more prevalent in game 2 if you play back to back (and belly to belly) games. Also, when it happens then you get more than 1 consecutive error.

throwing meter+button throws nerfed too. i just use buttons only throw only which i hate but it produces way less than throwing errors now than me using throwing meter like i always have

Is there a way to set the fielding difficulty like you can with batting/pitching? Im not seeing any throwing errors at all (playing on HOF for batting and pitching). Seemed odd to me. I havent had any throwing errors yet in 6 games. Not trying to humble brag...but i occasionally made throwing errors in 19 so idk.

EDIT: I've tried using both button accuracy and full analog, but both seem easy. Hoping i wasnt accidentally playing on rookie fielding or something.

They messed up bad here but as said, they fixed it last year. Anyone know how you can see your play now win loss record?

You can try turning down errors in the sliders. Doest seem to help

I've only played one RS game, but my opp. made 3 errors (2 routine throws). I would say this and pitch speed is the only thing SDS needs to far.

I play pure analog meter off. Every game I make 3 to 4 errors. Could be a basic ground ball to third and throw off line to first. I had two come backers to the pitcher and I set before I threw and they were still both offline. I've turned throwing error slider all the way down and it's still happening.

In follow up to my previous post, the throwing error issue is more problematic. Easy ground ball, wide throw to second (potential double play gone) or wide throw to first. Next play ground ball to same or different fielder, another wide throw. Then the flood gates open with a base hit or another wide throw and or a home run. Its fine for a few innings and then lightening strikes. Makes the game unplayable. I feel like throwing the controller at the tv, not that will change the situation. Must be fixed or I'm going back to 2019. Please!

Every throw from the outfield to home using Analog Throwing with meter off is off line. In high pressure situations, 9th inning man on first, the CPU bunts, every throw to 2nd is offline. I've also noticed whenever you dive for the ball whether you or the CPU, most times the don't catch it, the ball dribbles away, and the fielder does not react quickly. I have been unable to make a diving play with my infielders where they did not bobble the ball.

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