1600+ Created Player Roster/Frachise Mode


For the past 3 and 1/2 years I've been working on a roster that is completely filled with over 1600 fictional created players in MLB The Show. I originally made the roster during the summer of 2016 on the PS3, and published the roster around September of that year. The roster consisted of 30 completed 25-man rosters (around 800 players). Once I got a PS4, the only way I could port the rosters between consoles was through franchise mode.

Unfortunately, I was not able to recover the original roster file, but through Franchise Mode I've been able to update, maintain, and progress players in the league, as well as expand into the minor leagues and continue to create more players who enter the league.

Since I've been playing this franchise mode for the past 4 MLB The Show titles (5 games including '16 for PS3), I have played through 4 seasons with these rosters and players. In those 4 seasons a lot has happened, including trades, injuries, rosters moves, and more.

I am posting about this Franchise Mode to promote the new series I will be doing on the league. I will provide the link below for Parts 1 and 2 of the series, where I showcase the current AL and NL rosters for 2019.



Hopefully I can gain some support from The Show community, and maybe gain a following for this series so I can remake the rosters for MLB 2020.

Stay tuned as this is not the only created player MLB Project that I've worked on. More roleplaying rosters to come!!


Watch Part 3 Of the Series Here



This is a really cool concept, its good to mix things up every now and then. Nice work man i know how tedious it is to make these rosters

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