Ok, so I have been a playing it for a few days now and I will qualify my impressions with the following facts. First, I've been a Show player since '08 and ,second, I play mainly Franchise offline; a full 162 game season.

  1. The first thing that I noticed was the bat sounds are so much better. Solid hits just sound different.
  2. Crowd sounds are still a little off. Sometimes it's eerily quiet when there should be noise and vice versa.
  3. I haven't experienced the fluency of throwing that was supposed to be improved in this edition- no pausing in relay throws etc.
  4. As has always been the case, the stat lines for my Franchise team are so off it's like they come from an alternate universe.
    The game basically looks like 19. The only major improvement in presentation that stands out are the sounds and ,if you have a high end TV, the colors seem improved.
  5. The awkward plays are still there. For example, the opponent hits a ball to your 1st baseman and he catches it and just stands there in a fog.
    Overall, I still enjoy the game and it's about what I expected