A lot of you probably remember and utilized the site during the later half of MLB the Show 19, but for those of you that aren’t aware and are interested in the updates for this season… the-show-zone.com is a site dedicated to providing an easy to use, filterable, exportable, and always live database of MLB the Show 20 Diamond Dynasty cards/players.

Note for this season, SDS’s current APIs seem to be restricted to only non-collection players. In other words: Future of the Franchise players, Live Series collection rewards, and several other players are not available at the moment. Of course, I’ll update in the future manually, but for now it will be for the most part market-eligible players only.

The site contains metadata and attributes each card, including difficult to find individual pitches with speed, break, and control ratings. In addition, there are dedicated pages with live calculations of current collection costs, best player exchange options, and best current flipping options. Here is a breakdown of each of the site pages, which change and adjust throughout the year as player attributes, pricing, and Diamond Dynasty content adjusts:

Home Page (Players)

  • The most all-encompassing database of all player/card information available, including every piece of metadata available on each player and hyperlinks directly to their pages on theshownation.com.
  • A few quick tips on how to use the database and tables:
  • Want to find the best possible 2B for your budget? Set a maximum price in the Buy Now or Sell Now columns, then filter the Position column by “2B”.
  • Want to find all pitchers with a sinker? Type “sinker” in the search bar.
  • In the works: Secondary Positions & Quirks

Collections – Live Series and More in the Future

  • Current and historical costs of key collections in Diamond Dynasty.
  • The Live Series page has breakdowns by team, division, league, and all MLB to provide you with the best insight into the cost of each portion of the collection.
  • The Monthly Flashbacks collections will be added following the release of each set, along with additional collections as needed.

Exchanges – Team Affinity & Tier to Tier

  • Provides a list of the best rival player exchange options, including a hyperlink directly to their pages on theshownation.com.
  • Provides a total estimated cost of Team Affinity exchanges if exchanging each player for the entire affinity exchange (250,000 exchange points)
  • And most importantly, gives you an easy option of filtering by which Team Affinity team you are trying to complete for a full list of exchangeable players. Looking to complete the Rangers Team Affinity, just type “Rangers” into the Rival Of column.
  • In the works: best Tier to Tier exchange options, which will provide a list of the best player exchange options for the Common to Bronze, Bronze to Silver, or Silver to Gold exchanges.


  • The best current player flipping options available based on Profit and Profit Percentage.
  • In the works: buy/sell volumes, correlating to potential profit per hour if flipping that player.

More will be added throughout the year as things are released and I’m able to make updates. If anyone has any feedback, issues, questions, or even ideas to improve the site in some areas, feel free to send me a message here or at ccott235@the-show-zone.com.