Doubles instead of XBH


Remember two years ago when we all bitched about how stupid it was to be losing in game missions because we were hitting homers instead of doubles so you mostly eliminated the doubles requirements, replacing them with XBH's.

And yet somehow we seemingly forgot about that again this year. Ive been stuck on this same Matt Olson moment for an hour because I keep mashing homers instead of just hitting doubles. This is stupid and should not be a thing.

Also, stolen base missions are worse than the coronavirus. Between the constant need for the game to put pitchers on base in front of me or have the guy behind me constantly put the ball in play when I steal.

Edit: First game after complaining: 5-6 w/ 3 homers 1 double and 1 single. Try again.


Vietnam flashbacks to having to grind doubles with Buddy Bell


Doubles. How ridiculous. I’ve been trying this Matt Olson mission for a while now. Stupid. I’ve hit one, that hit high off the wall with no one on base. I’ve had a few times where I’ve hit balls off the wall with runners on and they sit there and hold thinking it’s going to be caught and then the don’t run enough to let me get to second. Argh.

Why would they go back to doubles?

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