Analog Pitching Q for you masters

OK so this year, I have abandoned pulse due to massively random outcomes. I’m having better luck with analog (although I still can’t find the plate sometimes).

I’m noticing a lot of my releases with “just early” or “just late” yield better results. The “good” releases are sometimes hit or miss.

What feedback am I looking for? I’m looking for answers from you dot throwing dominant pitchers out there...

I dont even know, bro. I get the release perfect and I hit the target perfectly and my pitches still dont go anywhere near where I want them to so idfk

The general rule of thumb is if you release it early it'll stay higher in the zone, release it late and it'll drop lower. Depending on what pitch you throw it also has an effect of the horizontal movement; spot a slider low and away and you release early will usually result in a hanger. Release it late and it'll break way outside.

I often subtract and deduct based on what I want. I sometimes spot it way outside and then hit my meter a little early which will result in a pitch on the black. It's hard though, especially in recent years pitching is so random.

Yeah, this confirms my experience. For some reason, mistakes in analog seem to get less punished, but I admit I’ve also plunked SO many hitters since giving up pulse this year.

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