Pitching to pitchers

So I am playing a RS game last night. I strike out this dude's pitcher then moments later I receive a message from him. This guy goes off on me using all kinds of profanities calling me a little b**** and a f****** p**** because I was throwing changeups and sliders to his pitcher. Is there some unspoken rule of how we are supposed to pitch to pitchers that I am unaware of?

A [censored] and a fucking [censored]?

You’re supposed to intentionally walk pitchers and let them steal to third.

Since pitchers are the scariest AB in the lineup I pitch them like any other bat. Your opponent was just a cry baby don’t let it bother you. You did nothing wrong.

Hate those kinds of opponents

I bring my OF in and pitch them like position players. Pretty sure my pitchers are swinging close to .250 online.

Pitchers can hit and some hit bombs like Madbum and Wainwright so screw that you step in the box you're fair game regardless of position

You hit them on the head every at bat!

@bunt-dancing said in Pitching to pitchers:

A [censored] and a fucking [censored]?

Got to love the new filter on this forum. What a joke lol

Avert the eyes of the children if someone says ballz though on a forum about baseball. Can’t let them see that.

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