Created player problems.

Has anyone tried to make one yet?
You know the ones where you use the scale to get two exact numbers.
When I go to change it it doesn’t show the numbers.. it shows in the list but not as I m using the scale.
How in the world am I supposed to do anything like that?
This is frustrating me lol

Honestly not sure what you are asking?

I made a CAP Catcher, but not sure what kind of scale you are referring?

Like when you do shoulder width. Nose size. Things like that. When you use the left stick to get the two numbers you want as scale.

Oh lol, no idea. I think I just set my height, weight, general body type and hair color/style. Other than that I edit my stance.

Don't really modify the CAP otherwise (mainly because I don't overly care what he looks like....standard CAPface works for me)

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