Manny Machado 3B CAP moment


I needed one more extra base hit and ...

With no one on, I hit a stand-up double, but the official scorer decided to give me a single with advance to 2B on FC! The RF threw to 2B as cutoff in the outfield who in turn threw it to SS near the base after I was standing on the base. That was definitely a double!

Next at-bat, runners on the corners, I hit the ball off the wall deep into RF/CF gap more towards center, the runner on 1B decided not to run to third even though it was definitely not going to be caught. So again, I got screwed out of my second XBH to complete the mission.

Moments are still very frustrating!


That moment pissed me off. I had gotten all of the hits needed and just needed one more assist. It was like 5th inning of the last game and they never gave me another fielding opportunity. I haven't come close since.


Decided to try this mission again...

Game 1 ... 13 innings... 3x XBH, but NO DEFENSIVE OPPORTUNITIES, NONE, ZERO, ZILCH...

How can you complete this if I can't get a single defensive opportunity in a 13 inning game!!!


Game two... another HR...but...

1 Defensive opportunity and it was a line drive...

So that's a PO and not an assist. I had 0 opportunities in 22 innings. Absolute garbage!!!

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