Level 40 Bronze, Gary or Mondesi?

Is Mondesi a glitch? Did anybody take Gary?

I took mondesi

I don’t think you can go wrong.

Both are great choices, go with what your team needs.

What about Reyes?

I took Sanchez. I regret it. Mondesi was great in '18. Should have taken him.

Mondesi is amazing and so is LS Gary. My logic was that there’s a better Gary replacement until I get the choice pack again but the LS Mondesi isn’t comparable to the 85.

At least you didn’t take Morton like I did lol

Gary has been great for me so far. But he’s kind of an all or nothing at the plate Mondesi is a bit more versatile.

I’m taking Reyes when I get there.

Mondesi. My cap catcher is 85 diamond now so mondesi helps my team more. And if I decide to get the TA tatis or torres I can move mondesi where I need to

I took Charlie Morton. Like him enough so far

Reyes was the right choice. Best pitcher in the entire series before 19's Chris Sale came along.

With how little stamina everyone has, I like having Morten in the pen with 75 stamina in case I need it early.

A few times when I select my one lefty pitcher, the other team is an entire lineup of lefty killers, so I just go pen early

I took Gary. It took a couple games but now he’s a monster

there are a multiple usable catchers, plus that posey at 80, Mondesi has such a great swing and the speed is killer... only other SS near the same caliber is Rollins

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