Team Affinity

I like the Team Affinity. The only problem I had was since I finished the Twins very early on that I don't use Twins players anymore as I am still working on every other team. I wish there was more to affinity to encourage me to use Twins players more often.

I would agree. Some stat grinding missions to help get to 100 and give us a usable player at that level. Of course, if it's released opening day, it won't be a 99. But even a low 90s player would be nice. Give us a reason to go past 50 and make it possible with DD related activities.

Team affinities 2 would’ve been nice. i think they did a good job this year except i would like one more (easier) way to get 5 points. (if you did all exchanges that brings you to 45)

I used the US Conquest Map to grind out team affinities. 5 players from 1 team x 3 innings = 15 innings...which was enough to double dip with batting goals for daily inning/star missions. I've probably completed the map 7-8 times and collected the 10 Show Pack reward as a bonus. The only Affinities I didn't get to where the ones I didn't need since collecting enough cards for the Honus Wagner collection. By varying the difficulty of the games played, I was able to work at my own pace and adjust difficulty based upon the quality of the team I was fielding.

I got to 100 with the Twins early. Now I have all of the players I can collect from the other teams (just finished the Phillies last week). I have done that Conquest map I bet 30 times now! I use it for the daily missions and team affinity plus getting the 10 packs at the end. But I've even avoided buying some of the signature series Twins since I wouldn't be using them while completing other team affinities. And yes, getting 5 points is a long grind! Once I finally had lots of stubs I started doing the exchanges but you still need to play a lot of games.

I feel you, yo. This happened to me with my Stros. I cleaned out their TA very quickly and now avoid using them (unless it’s part of a daily mission) since I’m trying to finish out every other team. Next closest are the Braves at 89 TA.
Yeah, it’d be cool if there was a TA - Part 2. Like others mentioned, I’m always utilizing Conquest to get the innings in.
I have managed to get all player cards from the TAs and am now just seeing how far I can get on most until MLBTS20 comes out...

I really like the way affinity worked, but I wish the reward for reaching 100 would have been cooler than a banner.

I still haven’t gotten to 100 with the White Sox, but I have with the Giants, A’s and Pirates (thanks to Mays, Rickey, and Honus). I don’t really follow any of those teams, so I’ve got 3 banners I’ll never use for teams I don’t like. If there were done juicy SS cards at the end of the affinity path, though, I would definitely make good use of those...

Yes! AN SS card, or a pick of that team's SS cards. How I'd like the SS Rod Carew card!!

I think they should extend the reward chain. a banner at 100 is comedy gold, but after 50 maybe a mid diamond(90-93) and a high diamond (94-97) as rewards can keep most people going past 50 in future titles? Maybe a big reward for reaching level 50 and level 100 in all teams?

I am still going to get the stubs and the packs but would have loved more players. I'd love to use my Twins cards more often.

I both love and hate Team Affinities this year. It's great in that you can get all the diamond cards with minimal work so long as you were willing to pay for them. But at the same time, it was quite boring and unrewarding. Once you hit 50... who cares?

I did keep going to get the packs at 75. Always hoping for a nice Diamond card I needed or could sell but I found more and more I was exchanging cards to get through quicker. I still have most teams under 75 still. It will give me a reason to use cards from those teams.

I'm working them still just to try for the Team Collector banner.

Half are done now past 100. A few are still below 65, so that's gonna hurt

I only have the Twins past 100. Maybe 3 or 4 teams over 80. I do wish there were more rewards past 100. And I am nearing 1500 in the 11th inning program. I will be disappointed when that is done.

Unlike The Show (18,17 and 16), The Show 19 had limited short term goals. I would like to see more options to complete the Team Affinity. Example. 15 Saves, 15 Holds, 15 Wins for your team. This would encourage putting less powerful cards in your lineup because I need to get a save for the CRR or whatever team you are grinding. In addition I like the TS18's grinding of the cards to get up to 99 overall. This gives the player short term goals as they grind with 9 inning games against the CPU. Possible consider upgrades to cards in your collection as they achieve goals for a card maybe a stat bonus for the card. As we strive to get a level of 100 Diamond short term objectives would lesson the grind.

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