An Explanation Would Be Nice


“Made Hitting More Difficult”. What exactly does this mean? It would be nice if SdS would explain this one in detail as it could have an enormous impact on gameplay and seems to be addressing an issue that very, very few users were complaining about (especially when half the threads on here and reddit are complaining about showdown already being too hard). Does this apply to all difficulty levels? Is it for offline DD play too? From my experience the game was already predominantly perfect or bust anyways, doubling down on that doesn’t seem like it will be either good for the game or fun in the long run.

For once, please give us more details on the patch.


This is a trend in developer's language to their player bases. You can't hold someone accountable if you don't truly know what's going on underneath the surface. I always assumed Sony (for PS4) had to hold studios accountable for patch notes and communication regarding any type of patches, but in reality they don't seem to care. A classic example is Activision and Call of Duty, half of their patch notes are by default incorrect and other stuff isn't even mentioned; the community has to find out through testing and those who should be held accountable never ever address any of these things.

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