Glavine or Maddux?

Coming up on Bronze 65 and I'd like a little input on my next selection.
I already have Smoltz, Rivera, and Mantle. I'm not looking for Sheffield because I've always played better with hitters that a) don't have a pronounced kick and b) don't wiggle the bat too much before the swing.
So who's the move here? Glavine or Maddux? discuss...

Glavine. Maddux' pitch repertoire and velocity are very mediocre, he only has his control working for him. But control doesn't matter one bit in this game.

Glavine has been the only viable option I've used online this year

Glavine. Maddox is garbage online

Glavine is an elite pitcher for me. Hes definitley the pick.

Glavine, I hate Maddux's pitches

Once their best cards are released later this year, Smoltz will be the best online. His current card doesn’t have his nasty split.

None of these cards. When higher stat cards for these pitchers come out, then they will be good. Right now all of them suck.

I have had Glavine absolutely lit up in the two online games I have played.

11 games 26IP ( conquest) and in his 25th inning I threw the first pitch that didn't hit the spot exactly.
such a shock that it missed that he turned around,looked at me ,and said "c'mon,really"
edit: Glavine

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