Draft glitch

I always do a RTTS career as a starting pitcher and with multiple careers and several attempts it appears that the same team always drafts you. Last year it was the Orioles. This year it's the Marlins. Yuck!! Thank God we can still choose our team as an option. If it wasnt basically pre determined I'd prefer random selection.

See, I've never had this. Last year I got drafted by the Orioles, White Sox, Royals, and Phillies. This year I only made one character and he went to the Marlins

I've made two characters so far one went to the Tigers and one went to the Orioles. Although technically my first character went to the Blue Jays first but then I stayed in college for a year went back into the draft and then the Tigers drafted me

all 3 of my players have gone tigers even after redrafting

I’ve created 3 players - White Sox, Reds and Twins

My only player went to the Marlins...no way I'm staying with that dumpster fire

i created a SP drafted by Cardinals, A SS drafted by Tigers, 1B drafted by Marlins

Last year, I had 3 profiles, all randomly selected. I went to the Orioles, Orioles and... Houston (!). This year, set up a LF and... Marlins.

If you want random you could always put all the teams names on paper,cut them up,put in hat and draw one out.There's probably even an app that would do the same thing.

I try to pick a team that needs help at the position I'm making I grab 3 and pick a team blindly and go to that team..It's still random and those teams are usually not the best ones but to each his own as long as your having fun

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