The Equalizer aka rubberbanding

I’m about done with that game. They can’t even sell us a completed product from the day the game comes out. At least old school days you could adapt or strategize for quirks in the game. It’s a video game. It’s not real. It’s not going to be perfect. I get that whole concept. But, then the game company wants to throw subtle changes on patches that aren’t any better than what we were dealing with before. So, you adjust to these things and their notes on the patch just generalizes the tweeks and mods the patch gave us. From there you adjust your game AGAIN. Until they change something else. Look. I want to play a competitive game. But, I don’t want to have to keep figuring the game out and fielding corks while I’m in the middle of competition. Ever since the patch that affected the /9’s towards the end of the year. The outcomes are predictable and it has felt I’m stuck in some hell of algorithms or predetermined outcomes. I’m not referring to the game is against you. But, every game win or lose has the same feel. Low scoring game. Someone scores and if the opposition doesn’t respond right away. It’s just a bunch of hard hit fly balls and squared up outs. You don’t even have to paint the corners pitching. You can throw pitches right down the center of the plate and they will be fly outs and ground outs. It’s not a conspiracy. I’ve found that if I just leave ball in with no location input. People will get themselves out. I also have been on the other side of the spectrum. It’s just a shame. I really wanted this game to be great. The content is great, the graphics are great. But, something is off in the AI or the engine of the game. I really wish the game played like it did earlier in the year. It’s become trash and 20 plays the same as 19. I spend a 100$ on a game. Don’t make any adjustments to it. I’ll adjust to the game and go from there. Just seemed all year. Once you got comfortable with a quirk. They change it again. Sorry for what could be considered a rant. But, I feel these things need to be addressed before I give them another 100$

The game has become way to random. Dudes hitting balls off the end up the bat way outside, that manage to dribble up the middle. fielding has gotten worse. Pitching makes no sense, if I aim outside, low or high off the plate, with good release, why are pitches turning into meatballs? It’s infuriating

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