Here’s a good showdown story for you


So I hit a home run off Heaney in the AL west showdown to take a two run lead. I still needed one more run, and couldn’t muster it up in the next two innings.

Taking the advice of someone on here, I decided to let them tie it so I could get my run. I retired the first two batters, then walked in a couple to tie, brought in a new reliever, and struck out a Pujols. My catcher drops the third strike and airmails the throw into right field.

Anyone have a better suggestion on how to let the cpu tie in this situations?


In showdowns you have to complete the missions within the 1, 2 or 3 innings that you get for it or the mission fails. The only time you can go to extras by letting the CPU tie the game is when it says "win the game".

In that case I usually get 2 outs, load the bases and IBB the tying run and then just pitch for the strikeout.


In a previous thread, it was suggested I let the cpu tie to keep playing and get the last run. I couldn’t figure out the point of pitching the bottom half of the inning when I’d already failed the challenge otherwise.

Like the game says, “Better Luck Next Time”.


Its really not that difficult. You can check the actual goals by pausing and pressing one of the triggers if the pregame description isnt clear enough. It will show the same way moments did last year. If its the error to lose your upset about....stuff happens I guess

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