Patch 1.covid19

After thinking it wasn't so bad I got to play alot now. I changed my mind again. There isn't a soul that could now convince me hitting will ever be good in this game. Unbelievable.

Another 5 hours and you'll flip back

I'm actually not seeing any significant changes. I rarely play online but Showdown essentially feels the same as before, maybe with the PCI being a hair smaller, but if I didn't know about the patch, doubt I would have noticed.

Anecdotally, I MAY be popping out a bit more on balls entirely within the hard contact area, but that was definitely happening before as well. Also hit my first homerun of the year where the ball was completely outside the contact area, so maybe a bit more RNG? Ultimately, yesterday went 2/2 on the AL West Showdown and never felt like I was being royally screwed over(ie. RNGtheShow 19'd). Online may be a different story.

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