Matt Olson doubles

So for this moment, a double and a home run will not complete the mission. I remember this exact same thing happened in previous years, 18 I think. Eventually the requirement was changed to XBH instead.

It's rough. I keep hitting homers with him whenever I make good contact. Get a lucky double here and there.

I got one on a bloop behind third base, but yeah, home runs seem easier for Matt.

It's hard even considering it should be easier to hit doubles at Oracle. Having to face a lefty at first kind of counter acts that though. Gonna try again after another [censored] Ivan Rodriguez moment.

I got lucky and finished it when I pushed the issue on a single to CF and then the throw pulled the fielder away from the base and I was safe. Otherwise, yes, let's please go back to straight XBH, SDS.

i kept hitting hrs but finally got it. i hit one in triples alley but stopped at 2nd.

I walked in my first two at bats this last time.

The worst is when the dumb CPU runner doesn't move off 2nd. Just rocked one off the wall so of course runners only moved up one bag. Has happened multiple times with this challenge.

I keep getting Homer's and solid hits.

They changed it to XBH. It was my last moment to do.

All I do is crush dong's with Olson.....Wtf ?

@JoeyVotto420 said in Matt Olson doubles:

They changed it to XBH. It was my last moment to do.

Really? Hallelujah.

Hey this is a positive thing! I actually completed the mission with a home run today. Apparently someone is listening. Thanks for this much.

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