Tips on 1st Inning Program Showdown


I would like to complete this because of the healthy chunk of program stars you receive... Any tips?


Pray a lot for your Sanity.

I'm still working on it, but some of my tips are.

  1. Hope you don't have Oswalt as the final showdown. German Marquez is probably the easiest to hit from the start. Jansen gets easier to hit once you can work his energy and confidence down.

  2. Load up on good Lefty hitters.

Thats about all I have


I got AL East on first try last night. Chose mostly hitting perks a few relievers and I think I chose one starter bc I didn’t have another position option. Be patient is the number one tip. Draw walks. I didn’t fail one mission got to Cole 15-15 and he was rollin thru 9 outs till I finally got my one run. Go for power bats. Good luck!


What’s cool is I thought it was a five pack of vouchers tallying one point each for I didn’t know each voucher was 4 points each, so a hefty 20 points for completing. Def worth the roughly 90 minutes spent playing

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