Every new event...


...makes me want to cancel my MLB20 preorder.

Why is the hitting and pitching so extremely random?


I feel so bad for every player, because your skill is totally subject to random errors and Batted Ball Events.

This is not good for any of us.


Somehow won a game last night 5-4 when I had 5 fielding errors....I hate when a game is taken out of your control so often. I get human error and putting it in but 5 errors in a 3 inning game....


@cvogsfashow said in Every new event...:

@SaveFarris said in Every new event...:

No you didn't.


LOL love when people lie on here.

ahahha yes its one of the best parts for sure on this forum someone always calls to fact check its great

what i dont understand is why even bother to lie in the first place it makes no sense


Look up lucifer_morning. Sorry, this was roommates account.


Seriously, I'm at work and see this [censored].....Call his [censored] out, he is lying anyway. He didn't even play last night, was all up in that fake Diablo game...Warhammer.


BAHAHAHAHA this is what you get for gluing my controller to the table!

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