Corrupted Leaderboard

I know about the leaderboard resetting twice now in terms of win / loss record and stats. But it hasn’t affected the point total - - until now. So, I’m curious if this happened to anyone else.

When I went to bed last night I was on a three game winning streak, was 17 - 3 overall, and had 1605 points. But today the online leaderboard has me at 1 - 1 and 1499 points.

I wasn’t the best math student in the world, but if my game history shows I’ve won my last three, how can I be 1 - 1?

Anybody else having an issue?

Yes everyone is

This is ridiculous shows they really only care about DD and the potential micro transactions people for a week now every day have said please fix this.. SDS doesmt even respond to us

I looked I went to be at 8-1 disconnect at 1789 rating but my real record is like 66-4 with 3 disconnects.. I've been in first pretty much always but that's meaningless honestly. Currently I would be 2, But heres what I've noticed it says I'm 20-0.. 1670 rating and 31st again. Not worried about the rank I'd like my stats and records just properly tracked.. i will say that day 1&2 i started 20-0 b4 the boards were wiped so maybe just maybe they are cleaning it up?? Idk but currently i know alot of is are frustrated

You’re a legitimate top player. I recognize you’re name. So, thanks for the feedback.

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