Who Hit Your First Homerun?

Mine was 83 Aaron Judge in BR. First grand slam was the next inning with Arenado lol.

Griffey from the show 17. In my first ranked season game.

Gary Sheffield. Hit a ball over the wall at the stadium with a bridge

Mickey Mantle 86 overall. During the first inning conquest map.

Brandon Nimeo lol; he went 3-5 with three bombs before I moved on.

Kolten Wong, perfect perfect over the right CF wall, sneaky pop he has

First overall was rookie Baez in conquest. First online was LS Jay Bruce in BR. So, exactly who I’d have expected?

Griffey. 1st game 1st at bat. Downhill from there

Fernando Tatis Jr. in Showdown off Edwin Diaz

My RTTS pitcher: https://youtu.be/PknrC_tZHSo

It was also his first plate appearance in AA.

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