Defense is Terrible

Defense is unrealistically terrible this year.

Fielders make errors on easy ground balls at a much higher rate than in real life. Also, players take too long to get up (they literally take their time when the ball is in play!!) and too long to throw the ball. Also, the animations are terrible.

They need to fix this.

Defense was terrible last year too until people started getting diamond fielders.

I haven't had any bad errors besides JD Martinez if LF, but that comes with the territory I would think. Biggest thing I've noticed is how sloooooooooow MIF move on grounders.

Everytime theres a flyball i start shaking cause the fielding is awful and i dont know what to expect

@miguelariza14 ur totally right

I've had TA Gallo a Diamond Elite fielder lock in to fly ball slow and o animation and then the ball just goes right over his glove...happened three times with him and once with Kepler 85 Conquest and Online

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