Hitting and fielding have many flaws. (Post Patch 1.04)


Since patch 1.04, I have had a horrible experience with hitting. I put my PCI directly on the ball with just early or just late, or sometimes even good timing, and I will receive okay contact and the exit velocity will be lower than the actual pitch. This doesn't make any sense, at all. If I put the barrel of the bat on a baseball coming at me 96 mph, how does it leave at 87 mph? It is honestly infuriating when this happens half a dozen times per game or more, and in win or lose situations ending up as flyouts. Previous to the patch, these would be ''Perfect Perfect'' hits and were actually rewarding. I have also had a horrible experience with fielding as well. At least once or twice a game I will be going to catch a fly ball or a line drive and my players will simply not lock in. My outfielders all have 77+ fielding. They won't even put their glove up, it will just hit them in the head or their back and proceed to be frozen and not move to the ball. I have lost many games because of this.

Thank you.

Well I played a guy earlier that hit 3 hrs in the first inning... followed by a lead off homer my half of the inning... there were no runs scored that were not driven in by HRs... I quit after Mark Prior took me yard to make it 12-3.

Fielding is way below the show 19. Out of control

Here’s a prime example of what your talking about. Game is simulation baseball at it’s best.


Yes, Rambo. that is exactly what im talking about, except my exit velo is never that high.

Bro the timing window is complete trash now!!! As for the catching I could not stress how horrible it has been since the game has come out. One thing I can absolutely assure you as well is that it has zero to do with the players fielding and everything just to do with the game itself. These missed catches have occurred a number of times to players in which I have 90 plus fielding.

TA Gallo multiple times locked in slo mo animation and goes right over glove.

I wish they would go back to letting us to actually control the fielder like in 16 or 17 the animation is junk

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