I guess this is what I get for getting my hopes up about a video game. I won't be playing this online anymore, not with pitching in the state its in, close to 400 RS games last year, maybe 20 this year and I am already done, last year was frustrating but this is beyond dumb, If I want to throw BP ill go to my local little league and volunteer.

That’s rough dude. I feel you.

@halfbutt said in well...:

That’s rough dude. I feel you.

once I started quitting games I was winning because I was watching fastballs up and away floating in the middle of the zone, thats when I knew I was done with this game, it's really disappointing because even last year with all its flaws I still had fun, had a desire to play the game and play RS. Now its a chore, strike your opponent out 14 times and then suddenly your pitcher is throwing hangers. I am not a great player by any means but I could always pitch, I threw a couple no hitters last year, and my pitching pretty much kept me competitive, now I am hitting everything because it takes no skill to be patient and wait for the game to force your opponent to throw you a hanger, and I am forced to walk 8 batters a game just to avoid the game enforced hanger. Thats not fun and it sure as hell isn't baseball in my opinion.

HAHA it's call the handicap rule.. They have to put it in every game so bad players are rewarded too. If only good players got rewarded they wouldn't make money on worse players. They would just give up and get another game. It's all about business my friend.

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