RS created player

Played against SP Marco Moreno. Tried to find him in market and he doesn't exist. This tells me that he was a Diamond Dynasty created player. Thought you couldn't use created plates in Ranked Season? Is that always been able to use or new this year? Dude had side arm submarine throw that was hard to read. Any idea what pitcher in real life throw mechanics from?

Yes u can use your created player in DD, I used my CAP at SS majority of last season until I got Honus and Banks and even then I would still use him some.

thats always been allowed as far as I know, the amount of times alst year I had to face a switch hitting catcher with 90 speed, 90 contact and some "super edgy" name.

Just look around you will see a bunch of cheese ball players using guys like this. Darren O'Day comes to mind, but there are a couple

I love the caps. But I hate when I face a guy and he’s number 69 with some vulgar name. Makes me so annoyed at how immature people are

Thanks for info and comments. You guys right!

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