How many seasons to get bat skins

Do you have to be called up or play in the majors

I think your player has to make it to diamond status...Don't hold me to this though I could be wrong

You need your player to reach 99 Overall, and this can be used gained at any difficulty so if you wanna do it quick just do it on beginner and sim through. This'll take awhile but not forever, I'd say at least a day but if you do it in like 2 hour intervals over a week it isn't to bad.

I really wish there was somewhere that explained where you can get all these different bat skins (I never found out last year). I dont know. I wish there was some game guide somewhere that explained everything, such as what the ratings do, what the quirks do, where to find things (the location tab on cards is a game-changer).

I don't like bat skins, when have you ever seen one in a real game?

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