The fix list. Everything in order of importance

  1. Hitting needs to be tuned back to what it was March 13th. A vast majority of the player base does not care if people are getting slaughtered every time they turn the game on. I’d rather get smashed and know I can hit my way back in then think I’m gonna square a ball up for the game to tell me it’s “okay” contact.

  2. Pitching control. Change ups hang, curve balls loop, sliders back up, and fastballs miss far too often. Again, just tune the engine a little bit.

  3. Weird fielding quirkiness: first, the thing where you catch a ball of the wall kind of close to the wall and your guy takes a step, touches the walls the throws a lollipop to that rolls to the intended base. Second, I’ve only noticed this with Lindor, but since last year his fielding animations have been slow to the point of allowing base hits. It’s only him, but he takes forever to throw. The outfielders not trying to field balls off the wall when they’re lined up with it; there should be a circle like in a fly ball at the end of the trail to know where to stand to field it. Outfielders just move weird in general this year but at least we can dive.

Feel free to add anything else you think should be on the list. I may have missed some stuff.

Make input great again. That’s all I ask! That’s all we need.

Allow players to checkpoint once after successful red missions in showdown

@TeamPotro said in The fix list. Everything in order of importance:

Make input great again. That’s all I ask! That’s all we need.


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