2nd Base Options

Opinions on 2nd basemen!

Didn’t pick Mondesi and I should have, but who do you all use at second right now? I’d probably be willing to spend up to 35k on a SS/2nd baseman (I have story who could play 2nd). Was thinking about Rollins, Marte or maybe even Madrigal. Any sleeper cards other than the FOTF Torres or tatis?

Rollins has no secondary positions. I can say that Mookie Betts is a great player but might be just outside your spending limit

Any of the 3 affinity shortstops (Tatis, Gleyber, Correa)

I put my CAP there.

Used Betts because I packed him. Was awesome, just moved him to right for Marte who’s playing well so far

Ketel Marte. Such a versatile card. Just got Story myself so i've moved Marte to second base.

If you want to go cheap and grab a gold...Jeff McNeil rakes

I used Madrigal and wasn’t impressed. He’s only 5’7 and I know I don’t like small hitters idk about you

I completed the FOTF Ozzie Albies and really excited to use him. His gold card has done really well for me in BR and in the showdown he was good too. I love switch hitters and my lineup has a ton of power vs RHP so having him be able to hit for average vs RHP and power vs LHP is perfect for what I'm looking for. One of the higher vision hitters in FOTF as well. 73 speed is another solid attribute for him.

So yea definitely excited to see how he does

Moustakas has been amazing for me.

Xavier Edwards from Rays team affinity is awesome

I second moustakas. I’m hitting over 500 with him with an ops of about 1.9. His defense is a bronze there but somehow he is more than getting it done. Making all plays and no problem with double plays. This is through about 20 games so not a huge sample but big enough. I think I’ll keep him there until I reach Sandberg on the Xp but even then I will have trouble justifying pulling him out.

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