Please fix this game !!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to play it but the hitting is sickening ... the timing is way off... pitching is stupid every time you fool someone they get bailed out by check swings ... I had a dude check swing 3 times the count went from 0-2 to 3-2 so I was forced to throw him a meatball that was hit for a soft roller up the middle... fixxxxx the game SDS for the 2 year in a row you have things kind of right at release and just like that we’re back in mlb 19... (THIS POST IS FOR SDS)

I think what this forums needs is even more "fix this" posts. 100 a day just isn't enough.

What? The check swings don’t even work 80 percent of the time. They are
super nerfed. And why did you have to throw a meatball? That being said the hitting does suck but not for the reason you said

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